About us

About us

We are a blended and highly motivated team with Grant-and-Aid Subject Matter Expertise, High Impact Program Management Capabilities and Deep Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

GrantCare was founded in 2018, when our leadership team decided to build a system combining grant management SME, high impact program management capabilities and packaged technology solutions best suited for the emerging needs of State and Local Governments.  Our experience managing disaster recovery programs, combined with the lessons learned from management of over $6 billion in grant programs, are built into our easy-to-use, configurable, and workflow-driven business process automation software solution, GrantCare.  

Unwavering Commitment to Communities 

GrantCare Inc., has a team of very dynamic leaders with years of experience in grant management for community relief programs. As there is no conceivable, single one size fits all grant management solution, with the deep experience behind it, the GrantCare team has built an easy-to-deploy, web based, secure and highly configurable platform using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to contain the foundational DNA structure of Grant Management.  

Since its inception in 2018, GrantCare has been on the forefront of innovations and the Government Cloud Community deploying its platform, providing research insights and advisory support services to state and local governments, industry technology leaders, non-profit organizations, and emergency management companies. The company has also been involved in discussions with governments internationally who are looking to manage long term disaster recovery grant and aid programs. 

GrantCare has a unique skillset, pairing a deep understanding of grant management program requirements and industry-leading practices with the ability to develop complementary processes and technology solutions. The company has offices in Houston, Texas and New York City, New York. 

Our solutions have been crafted to swiftly address the systemic challenges in a comprehensive manner for CDBG, CRF and any other types of grant programs. The company’s consultative approach enables our team to fast track the delivery and implementation of end-to-end grant management needs. The team members’ work in New York City put us on the forefront of designing a program to comply with the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 and the latest HUD and FEMA guidance for Duplication of Benefits, Uniformed Relocation Act and Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement calculations.  

The team’s collective wisdom and expertise from mission critical long-term disaster recovery programs helped leverage high impact, smart business process automation solutions, while minimizing administrative costs, so more people get back into their homes quickly. GrantCare’s mission is to help communities in maximizing every dollar of the grant fund for its intended purpose, minimizing wastage of resource and time. We are focused on empowering Governments of all sizes and allied organizations involved in Grant programs. With experience gathered from developing sustainable recovery solutions in the aftermath of six major hurricanes, our clients have entrusted us to manage hundreds of millions of dollars and to deliver value to those who need it most: the victims of disasters and emergencies. We were able to anticipate the stimulus program needs brought on by COVID very early. Our experience with CDBG-DR allows us to expand our experience with grant management to incorporate a solution that integrates with external systems, including PeopleSoft 9.2 and federal agency solutions, such as solutions at FEMA and HUD.


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